Friday, 22 January 2016

Hypertensive No More!

Back in 2013 a chance encounter with a sphygmomanometer led to me discovering I was hypertensive.

Today I went to the doctors today to get checked out once again.  He took my blood pressure - getting a reading of 130/80 (this reading was taken immediately after sitting down and with holding my arm in the air for the reading, all of which can elevate readings).

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Just a quick post to let you know about the Freakonomics podcasts.  They are on iTunes but for those who aren't on Apple (it's not 'paleo'*), you can get the mp3s here.

Health & Exercise

Forget Potatogate - you eat a diverse range of 'real food' (you KNOW what this is when you see it), with a seasonal bias, you're  eating in a particular time-window/IF'ing, and, you are physically active - from taking the stairs (or parking the car a little further from the entrance to the store), to several sessions of strength training a week.