Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New Life in the Wild

A program about an incredible self sufficiency from a resourceful 25 year-old living largely in isolation out in the Appalachian Mountains.

Plant Rights

I disagree that veganism and vegetarianism reduces animal suffering.  As J.Stanton once said, "it pushes the killing to where it cannot be seen".  One look at the biodiversity of pasture, and then a consequent look at the chemically-managed, industrial, mono-cropping of machine-farmed arable land is evidence of this.

This issue of suffering however, has just got a whole lot more complex,
  • "Plants are intelligent. Plants deserve rights. Plants are like the Internet – or more accurately the Internet is like plants. To most of us these statements may sound, at best, insupportable or, at worst, crazy. But a new book, Brilliant Green: the Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence, by plant neurobiologist (yes, plant neurobiologist), Stefano Mancuso and journalist, Alessandro Viola, makes a compelling and fascinating case not only for plant sentience and smarts, but also plant rights."
Just as we've changed our belief that animals are 'unthinking automatons', Stefano Mancuso attempts to do the same for plants.

His presentation on TED can he seen here:

Having lost the health argument some time ago, now the moral argument for v*nism is looking increasingly shaky.