Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Are Parasites Paleo?

Is Modern Hygiene Making Us Sick? One Man's Experiment.

Monday, 18 November 2013

DC On Nutrition Research

DC hits the back of the Internet in 'We know little about the effect of diet on health. That’s why so much is written about it':

More than in any other field it is hard to do the RCTs that could, in principle, sort out the problem. It’s hard to allocate people at random to different diets, and even harder to make people stick to those diets for the many years that are needed.

We can probably say by now that no individual food carries a large risk, or affords very much protection. The fact that we are looking for quite small effects means that even when RCTs are possible huge samples will be needed to get clear answers. Most RCTs are too short, and too small (under-powered) and that leads to overestimation of the size of effects. That’s a problem that plagues experimental pyschology too, and has led to a much-discussed crisis in reproducibility.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Green Finger

This is an interesting piece and comes from an angle I have mentioned before. If you were in the wild and had to hunt/forage for food, what confidence would you have in sourcing non-toxic food?

Outside of some seasonal berries and fruit I think most of us would be wary of foraging. Even skilled foragers make mistakes when it comes to, for example, mushroom picking.

But hunting is altogether easier. Bar eating too much liver, pick a large mammal (especially a herbivore), eat pretty much all of it. Hack meat off and cook over a fire. Job done. You don't really need specialist skills bar the actual hunting bit.

Can’t get children to eat greens? Blame it on the survival instinct

Friday, 15 November 2013

Do Indigenous Sports Make You Jacked?

The answer from these pictures and these, would appear to be an emphatic "Non!", although we cannot be sure of the participants' diet and general lifestyle. 

I still think there is merit in training around sports that involve the ability to strike (kick and punch), wrestle, swim and climb, along with activities that involve chopping, throwing, carrying, jumping and pulling.  Games/play that incorporate these themes are recommended doubly so!

Sugarman of Brazil

From BBC R4's The Food Program, 'The Sugarman of Brazil':
  • Leontino Balbo - The Sugarman of Brazil. The incredible story of one maverick farmer who is trying to change the way we produce our food.
  • David Baker brings us a story from Sao Paulo about a man who is managing to produce sugar whilst also helping wildlife.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Fun Theory

Art Devany was the first guy I heard articulate the importance of play in our adult life.   We seek novelty from our earliest days and our industrialised lives can crush awareness to the rewards of simply going off-grid.

Here is a great example of the benefits of throwing efficiency to the winds and simply exploring the pleasures of play.

Watch it twice,  the second time focusing on the elevator.