Friday, 30 April 2010


A little nugget from OnMedica; "Blood enzyme level strongly tied to CHD risk". Thankfully the paleo crowd have had the wisdom of Art Ayers to call upon to warn about both the consequences of chronic inflammation and anti-inflammatory diets long before The Lancet put out such a cautionary message.

The article notes,
  • But the authors stress that further studies are needed “because blood pressure and cholesterol themselves were not as strongly associated with heart disease in this study as has been reported previously”.

Wow, did you catch that admission? “[B]lood pressure and cholesterol themselves were not as strongly associated with heart disease in this study as has been reported previously”.

One other article that caught my attention can be found here. It looks like astrocytes can swell up and misfunction, which leads to epilepsy. And what is the role of the astrocytes?

  • The astrocyte is known to have a wide range of functions, including supplying nutrients to other brain cells, and even helping the brain cope with damaged nerve cells.

Supplying nutrients. Interesting eh?

Volume Wk9 W/O3

Upper body focus. Tonight I will undertake a circuit of the Edale Skyline. Tomorrow or Sunday I will boulder on my wall.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1a. Deadlift (one or two warm up sets, 5x82, 5x95, 5x107)
1b. HSPU/Press/Snatch (12x12kg, 12x12kg, 12x12kg)
2a. Tucked Ice Cream Maker (8, 8, 8)
2b. Assisted One Arm Chins (12x24kg, 12x24kg, 12x24kg)
3a. Planche Press Ups (8, 8, 8)
3b. Splits (1x20s 1x20x 1x20s)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Edale Skyline Walk

My typical week of training is as follows (AM actually corresponds to a Lunchtime workout):

Monday - Strength Training Upper (Early PM), LGKF (PM)
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Strength Training Lower (AM), LGKB (PM)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Strength Training Upper (AM)
Saturday - Climbing
Sunday - Rest

Monday - Strength Training Lower(AM), LGKF (PM)
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Strength Training Upper(AM), LGKB (PM)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Strength Training Lower/Ramble(AM)
Saturday - Climbing
Sunday - Rest

You can see that in the second week, I interchange Friday's lower body workout for some low intensity distance. I find this a nice complement to the Monday workout which usually features some form of sprinting work (not to mention skipping and kick drills in Lau Gar). Saturday's climbing might actually fall on a Sunday. I tend to flex training session as required and implement rests when so inclined.

On occasion, as with this week, I am in a Week 1 phase, but am going rambling nonetheless. Tomorrow I will tackle the Edale Skyline - which is a good 20 miles with about three thousand feet of ascent. I am still fatigued from Wednesday's ONT (aka The Destroyer), but reckon I should hack it.

The rambling is hitting a chord with me at the moment. It is time to relax. Time to be away from technology - just your thoughts and the company of friends (see photo above). The only other stimulus apart from colleagues, is nature around you.

A final thought is that on Monday and Wednesday I always implement a 24 hour fast. But I do allow coffee and milk - and a small a amount of cheese or an egg just prior to the Lau Gar. But I think I am going to go hardcore on these fasts and drink only water and be nil by mouth for the duration this week forth. I have re-read 'Eat, Stop, Eat' and don't feel I am leveraging the hormonal response a perhaps I might if I were only to show a little more discipline!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Volume Wk9 W/O2

Damn this deloading phase! I really want to do more. I need to lift heavy...but must obey the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet says to deload!

As a compromise I have added a few levers and planches in to today's lower body workout in a bid to satisfy my training lust and to grease the groove a bit. No bad thing.

I enjoy this feeling. It feels like my drive to train is being enriched. There can be no risk of burnout with this approach and I know that once I hit the next training phase, I will be stoked.

The next training phase will be strength focused. So I will drop the volume and aim for a %:3:1 style implementation. Can't wait.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)

1. O'Neill Test (L10, 4'x1200m)
2. Pistols (8x32kg, 8x32kg, 8x32kg)
3a. Wall Walk/BackBridge (15s, 15s, 15s)
3b. Splits (20s, 20s, 20s)
4a. Frog Planche (20s, 20s, 20s)
4b. Tuck Lever (20s, 20s, 20s)

Normally I post the workout on here prior to completion. This means I can browse the routine on my phone in the gym. This is much better than keeping a routine in hardcopy.

As you can discern from the text above, I entered the gym itching to work today. I sacked the intended routine (omitting the greyed out exercises above), and did an O'Neill Test (ONT) instead. The stuff I sacked was due to being physically incapable of pretty much anything in the ten minutes following the ONT!

The ONT is a killer and although I don't row that often, that hard or for much of a distance (usually only 500m once every week or so, and often at a light intensity), today's test was a personal best of 1200m. My bodyweight is just over 82kg and I think the improved performance constitutes greater strength in my legs as much as psychological factors (such as 'wanting it big time'). The other main difference between this and previous tests is that I now use a resistance of 10 (for simplicities sake).

But anyway, my personal goal of an ONT classification of 'Good' has been achieved (but only just) - and all as a byproduct of my (non rowing-specific), training. This test was also performed in a fasted state. I also note that I am probably at the lighter end of the heavyweight scale and at the older end of the age range.

Only another 37m to go before I make it to 'Excellent'. This is about another eight strokes or so and as I enter a strength training phase, reckon that anything is possible. I might even make my training rowing specific to achieve this goal (but then where is the fun in that?).

For the record:
ONT Attempt 1 - 20100129 - 1122m
ONT Attempt 2 - 20100205 - 1158m
ONT Attempt3 - 20100423 - 1200m

Happy days. Oh, and so much for deloading......

Monday, 26 April 2010

Volume Wk9 W/O1

This is a deloading phase. The goal here is some 50% (ish) RM mileage. Nothing too taxing. Last Friday (which was sheduled as a lower body day), I undertook another circuit of one of my favourite walks/rambles. This took 3.5 hours and incorporated a couple of the local big hills (see here for more details).

I enclose this detail to allow anyone following my progress to be fully aware of my exercise - particularly as there are some who believe I might be 'burning fat off' and eating less/doing more!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1. Sprinting to Fig 8s (1x10sx50s rest, 1x10sx50s rest, 1x10sx50s rest, 1x10sx50s rest, 1x10sx50s rest)
2a. Frog Planche (5x2s, 5x2s, 5x2s)
2b. Backbridges (3x15s)

3a. (Light) Ring Routine to Chins (5, 5, 5)
3b. Cuts to Splits (3x1 each way)
3c. Fingerboard (5x1, 5x1, 5x1, 5x1, 5x1, )

4. Handstand Straddle (Play@LGKF for time)

Another great day - so I did a few extra sprints as I was out on a playing field bathed in sun under a blue sky with a fresh breeze!

Once again the planching seems slightly laboured but the backbridges feel increasingly solid. I am wondering whether my recent increase in weight is due to bigger legs - making the planche leverages increasingly unfavourable.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Volume Wk8 W/O2

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)

1. Sprinting to Figure Eights (1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest)
2. Frog/Tuck Planche (1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s)
3. Handstand, Cartwheels and Wrist PushUps (Play for time)

4a. Ring Routine to 20s Tuck Lever to Chins/RopeClimb (8, 8, 8)
4b. Three-Way Cuts/Splits (1x3, 1x3, 1x3)
4c. Campus Board Plyo Drops (1x5, 1x5, 1x5)

This workout was simply superb. Blue skies, bright sunshine, a few little fluffy clouds and a cool breeze. PERFECT weather for training. No need for a VitD supplement today.

The sprints were held at a local park, and the goal posts allowed me to fit in some figure eights at the end of the sprint.

I might have overcooked it on the Frog Planches and so my handstands were a technically quite poor. I supplemented with a few cartwheels and finished off with wrist pushups (the latter I need to do more of).

This evening I will endavour to fit in some gymnastic ring work and some fingerboard stuff.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Volume Wk8 W/O1

The big walk yesterday means a slight adjustment may well be required today. At the very least, I will 'suck it and see', and be prepared to sack sets and reps as required.

This is my last week before a deload phase (which should last about two weeks). Then I will look at my 8RM and 1RM again. These results will feed in to my next eight week cycle.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a. Deadlift (5x5x55kg)
1b. Chin Ups (3x8)
2a. Frog Planche (3x20s)
2b. Flat Back Lever (3x20s)

3. Backbridges (3x15s)

* UPDATE: If you tuned in earlier you can see that I totally revamped this workout. The walk yesterday has tired my legs and this, combined with reading Chris's Deadlift post, made me think that my time would be well spent practising the deadlift.

Like a muppet I ignored my NEED to backbridge. I guess I got sidetracked by the enjoyment of the deadlift (it is nice just working such a basic movement), and the gymnastics!

I had spotted a week or two ago that my deadlift form was perhaps not the best. I had asked a PT at the gym to give me a few pointers last month - but nothing came of it. The thing is, anyone who coaches themselves has a fool for an student.

Oh well - I feel nicely stretched and warmed throughout. I will add in some backbridges tonight.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dr Sarah Myhill

Reader Dextery alerted me to the work of Dr. Sarah Myhill who is about to be struck off the medical register due to a series of complaints. Curiously these complaints have come from other doctors rather than from her patients (who seem satisfied with Dr. Myhill's particular approach to the practice of medicine).

There are two complaints in particular:

  1. A group of doctors has taken umbrage at Myhill's recommendation that one of her patients take an injection of vitamin B12,
  2. An anonymous complainant is "concerned that patients are being seriously mislead (sic) by her advice, both online and most likely in consultation at her practice. In some cases I think her recommendations are a serious risk to patient safety."

So let's see what her advice features...

  • Symptoms and tests help identify the underlying mechanisms that cause disease. Common mechanisms include allergies, sugar and carbohydrate addiction, poor mitochondrial function, poor antioxidant status, poor thyroid and adrenal function, toxic stress, poor detoxification and methylation and so on.

In fact, bold as brass she recommends that to lose weight you need to eat a stoneage diet! Crazy I know, but there you have it; she goes on to state "I am coming to the view that whatever your medical problem may be, or even if you simply want to stay well, we should all move towards eating a Stone Age diet based on vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish and eggs. Recent Western diets get 70% of their calories from wheat, dairy products, sugar and potato and it is no surprise that these are the major causes of modern ill health such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and degenerative disorders."

Under exercise she advises a Body by Science approach (so already is making the right noises). She talks about fast twitch muscle fiber, developing power and recommends Doug McGuff's Big Four. In her conclusions she even recommends exercise for pure fun! Throw in her advice on sleep and jeez, this lady is WELL ahead of the curve!

You know what? I like Dr Myhill's advice and the fact that she nails carboholicism as a serious problem with regard to the nation's health makes me think that the rest of her advice is bang on the money as well - or at least will have been as conscientiously researched (as opposed to the vanilla advice given out my more conventional medical practitioners and nutritionists).

As far as I can see there are too few paleo oriented doctors in the UK. In fact apart from the excellent Dr John Briffa I cannot think of any more! Dr. Myhill needs the support of the paleo community. We now appear to have a cause celebre which may help paleo move firmly in to the mainstream and break the stranglehold maintained my pharma intent on milking our finances in return for medicines that sustain the sick rather than preventing or curing the cause.

What you can do to help.

  • In her own words:

    The GMC's case is that they consider that I pose "a potential risk to public safety" because of the information in my website. If I lose my licence to practise, there will not be a potential risk, but a very real and immediate risk to patients.

    Please, point out to the GMC, in as many different and innovative ways that you can think of, privately and publicly, that for me to lose my licence to practise would result in you being harmed directly, immediately and in the longer term.

    1.Email the GMC on
    2.Telephone Mr Paul Bridge on 0161 923 6417
    3.Fax Mr Adam Elliott on 0207 189 5177
    4.Write to Mr Paul Bridge, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3AW quoting Case Reference: PB/C1-314994282
    To say: what extent you have found the website a helpful source of information;
    2.what it would mean to you personally and to your health if you are unable to avail yourself of my services as a doctor;
    3.Request to attend a future Fitness to Practise Hearing to give evidence that you have been helped by information from my website.
    Ask the GMC to acknowledge your letter and concerns and keep you updated as to when and where hearings will take place.

    All the letters will be printed out and taken to the Hearing. They will all be in the Public arena.


The Doctor

The Doctor? Not Valentino Rossi, not the Dalek-botherer nor a man in a white coat; The Doctor is my weekend treat (see picture above), consisting of a pack of bacon (6-8 rashers), four fried eggs, a lot of black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes (the latter for decoration as much as anything). This then, is what I call The Doctor.

I guess there might be oxidised fats and too much omega 6 in using olive oil to fry the eggs, black pudding and plant-stuff, but it sure hits the spot. Neither of these issues would scare your average nutritionist. They would be harping on about cholesterol and artery clogging fats.

Friday was capped by a climbing session where my strength simply seemed to run out. I was also aware of the need to refeed for walk I had planned for this (Sunday) morning which would take around six hours. Special situations like this require a special meal!

My appointment with The Doctor was early afternoon and topped off the most relaxing day I have had in some time. The family are trapped in Ireland because of Eyjafjallajökull (use of the word 'trapped' perhaps over-egging things a bit), so I had (lots of) time to read the paper and then indulge in a bit of guitar for the afternoon. The sun was out (as you can see in the photo), and I was able to poke around in the garden just in shorts - watering plants and doing some weeding.

I miss the family, but sure appreciate a little bit of opportune 'me-time'.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Volume Wk7 W/O3

The aim here is to complete the reps and sets shown. I have fallen short of a rep or two here and there thus far.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1. Deadlift (5x95kg, 3x130kg 1x150kg/140kg)
2a. HSPU/Press/Snatch (12x14kg, 12x14kg, 12x14kg)
2b. One Arm Chins (12x38kg, 12x38kg, 12x38kg)
3a. Ice Cream Maker to Lever (8, 8, 8)
3b. Pseudo Planche Press Ups (8, 8, 8)

Well, everything went to plan except for the fact that I could not lock out on the last rep of the last set of dumbell presses. Gutted.

I have also become unhappy with my deadlift. I think my form is wrong and so am planning on dropping the weights right back for a few weeks to work on my technique. There is no point lifting heavier weights if the form is going to shit. (However I did set a PB of 150kg!)

On the OACs I had to fight for the last rep of the last set - but only with my right (stronger) arm. Curious.

Other than that, my ego got a massive stroke when I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. Looks like Easter chocolate hasn't had too detrimental effect on my physique.

Great workout and shoulders are totally toasted and I am heading home later in anticipation of some lamb on the bone cooked in my spanking new slow cooker.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Volume Wk7 W/O2

A lower-body focused workout.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1. Rowing (1x500m 00:01:37)
2. Pistols (7/8x57kg/38kg, 7/8x57kg/38kg, 7/8x57kg/38kg, 7/8x57kg/38kg)
3a. Wall Walk/BackBridge (15s, 15s, 15s)
3b. Cuts (1x60s, 1x60s, 1x60s)
4. Play with a few 2s-Tuck Planches and 5s-Flat-Back Levers.

The rowing was moderate in effort. I think I might have to push it hard and see if I can break the 00:01:30 barrier.

Once again I delivered on the pistols - but only just, on the last rep of the last left-leg set. I will aim for eight reps across the sets next session.

I played with planches, levers and the handstand in between the various exercises. The planche quickly tired my shoulders (NOT my intention). The last set of cuts also lead to a reduced range of motion so I eased back on intensity (by supporting my weight with hands on my thighs).

I am off hill walking on Friday evening again so need to bear that in mind.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spoilt Rotten Then Bryter Layter

A quick head up for the next episode of the BBC's Panorama titled 'Spoilt Rotten':

  • Preventable diseases in children are reaching epidemic proportions that could see a generation dying before their parents, doctors at a leading children's hospital have warned.

In particular it is noted that tooth decay and obesity are reaching epidemic proportions. Anyone care to join the dots on these two issues in a Western.A.Price stylee? The link above really does make frightening reading:

  • More than half of the 1,000 dental operations carried out each year are on children under the age of six.

    Dental surgeon Sharon Lee said she sees a constant stream of toddlers: "It obviously upsets me immensely but we do have a job to do to look after the child."

    Five-year-old Kaitlyn was one of them.

    Tooth decay meant that she needed to have eight molars removed - almost half her teeth.

    Because of her size and her age, Kaitlyn needed a general anaesthetic and required hospitalisation.

    "It could have been sweet drinks, sweets, biscuits, anything. Just too much sugar in the diet," said dental surgeon Dr Rod Llewelyn of her rotting teeth.

    He said having the teeth out so early will have an impact on how her permanent teeth grow in and is likely to result in more extractions to relieve crowding.

    Her mother, Sharon, said the culprits were her daughter's love of sweets and tomato sauce. The little girl was at one point eating half a mug of tomato sauce a day.

    But after the traumatic experience of seeing her daughter undergo the extractions, Sharon vowed to ban the ketchup entirely and cut back on the sweets served to her three children.

    "It was sickening. I wouldn't expect any other parent to go through that. Under anaesthetic, anything can go wrong can't it? The lifestyles are going to change after this. Fizzy drinks are stopping. The lot."

Hmmm, stable doors and (bolted) horses anyone? The program is schedule to show on BBC One, Tuesday, 13 April at 2100BST. It should be available on the iPlayer for those outside of the UK.

BBC4 on Friday should provide a nice antidote with a program dedicated to the songs of Nick Drake (Way to Blue). A truly fantastic artist whose lugubrious vocals, rich, 'oaky' guitar style and deeply complex lyrics and character have left an incredibly moving, emotion-charged back catalogue.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Volume Wk7 W/O1

Despite the 'Flash Carry' up Win Hill earlier (a Flash Carry is like a Kill Carry, but with a more animated load), I persisted with this evenings workout as it is more shoulder and upper body focussed then on the lower body.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)

1. Frog/Tuck Planche (1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s, 1x20s)

2. Sprinting (1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest, 1x12sx60s rest)

3a. Ring Routine to 20s Tuck Lever to Chins/RopeClimb (8, 8, 8)
3b. Three-Way Cuts (1x3, 1x3, 1x3)

4. Handstand Straddle (Play@LGKF for time)

The rests were pretty big between both sets and reps. I interspersed the planching with cooking. Once the kids' feeding frenzy was over, I was able to dedicate my time to training.

I managed to get eight reps for each of the three sets of chins. The last rep of the last set was really hard fought. Split and cut flexibility is not too good at the moment but the shoulders are feeling increasingly strong and (more importantly), in good condition and healthy, despite the trauma I inflict upon them!

I need to concentrate on this planching lark (I know I keep saying this), but progress does seem to have stalled on the tuck planche. I guess it doesn't help that I am drifting off in to getting a one-armer on the chins but there you go.

Flash and Captain Kid

I have taken today and tomorrow off work to look after the kids on their Easter break. Today we summited on Win Hill (my new favourite mountain). Flash had to be carried a good portion of the way up - and down. But Captain Kid climbed all the way under her own steam!

We then headed to a local cafe for a fry-up before trying a spot of caving. Flash (still only two), was too scared to enter the cave system - much to CK's annoyance.

Still, it was a good day and both of them are tired as hell now and hungry. I am off to cook some pork steaks. Reckon they'll sleep well tonight.

You just can't beat a bit of adventure.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

If, like me...

If, like me, you have kids, you might still have an array of Easter goodies lined up on the piano and bookcases. If, like me, the Easter eggs are calling your name softly each night, you might occasionally weaken (I mean the kids can't be expected to eat all that chocolate themselves now can they?).

If like me, you are a fan of Nottingham Forest, you might be slightly gutted at the automatic promotion of both Newcastle United and West Brom (I mean it should have been Forest up there shouldn't it?) .

If, like me, you have 'weakened' over Easter, then you might need some inspiration to climb back aboard the paleo wagon.

Behold this photo of a Newcastle United fan celebrating promotion (AP Photo/Scott Heppel). Back on the wagon. Feeling better about the lack of automatic promotion. Two birds with one stone...or about twenty stone.

I think I will pass on the chocolate eggs this evening...and erm, well done to both Newcastle United and West Brom.....and come on you Reds!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Age of Absurdity

Last night I repeated my walk of a few weeks ago, with the added frisson of starting in the evening and completing the walk in the dark. It took around three and a half hours.

The weather was much less windy and it was quite a warm evening. The V5Fs were fantastic and I had none of the episodic, minor aches (tight right hip and knee) of the previous walk (which lasted for about the final kilometer). There was no problem with cold extermities either ths time. This was again done in a fasted state (24 hours). curiously I barely drank 250ml of water - I simply was not thirsty. I hope to repeat the route in a full-on night-nav stylee in the near future.

This morning my legs felt mildly tired so, after some light gardening, I headed on to my fingerboard for some climbing-focused work. Nothing too extensive.

Thjs afternoon has developed in to a beautiful and warm day with almost cloudless skies. As I shredded paper in to the compost bin (the contents are too 'wet' evidenced by the foul smell), I noticed a review in the Guardian for a book entitled 'The Age of Absurdity'. I found it engrossing; containing as it does, gems such as this:

  • How did we become absurd? In the 1970s, Foley contends, liberation movements demanded specific rights and expressed anger at injustice. Now, though, those movements have been co-opted, as everything is, by capitalism and have mutated into a general demand for attention and a general feeling of grievance
So much of the review rang true. It gets better:
  • Our culture, he contends, is one of endless complaint and bottomless claims of entitlement.
This is dynamite stuff and this book is now on my reading list (hence this little bit of computer time). I recommend you read both the Guardian and the Amazon review(s) if not the book. At the very least it will help you answer the question of where you were when 'Paleo' died.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Volume Wk6 W/O2

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Rowing (Medium 1x500m 00:01:38)
2a. Pistols (6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg)
2b. Ice Cream Maker Levers to Skin the Cat (8, 8, 8)
3a. Wall Walk/BackBridge (15s, 15s, 15s)
3b. Pseudo Planche Press Ups (8, 8, 8)

The Pistols felt solid at a heavier weight and less reps. Reckon I can add a rep at this weight to each set next workout. The ICMs were tough and I only added a few STCs to each set.

The backbridges felt nice and relaxing as I formed the arch, stretching my torso. However the last rep on the last two sets of PPPUs were hard fought. My hands are as close to my waist as wrist flexibility allows. I am pivoting as my feet come off the ground (which in strength terms and in terms of progressing to the next movement, I think is a good sign).

The whole workout took thirty five minutes in all. I want to aim for three fast workouts a week rather than cramming everything in to two workouts. I am already slacking on pure planche and lever work......

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine and Play

A high pressure has settled over much of the UK. This lunchtime I headed off to the gym for a (fasted), impromptu play-session. The gym has a courtyard which I had all to myself.

The sun was out in full force. Blue skies and a fresh breeze. Beautiful. I stripped to the shorts and practiced my handstands and handwalking along with some splits work. I also threw in some cartwheels (both directions). That kind of exposure should provide me with my 10,000 IUs of D for the day (notwithstanding the latitude).

I had to limit myself to twenty minutes - with big rests. This was not a workout per se, it was meant to be a bit of fun and playful. I left the courtyard in a good mood whilst still feeling physically fresh.

I hope to spend more lunchtimes in such a productive fashion - particularly on rest days. Use it or lose it. Fun in the sun....

Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Volume Wk6 W/O1

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1. Rowing (500m, 00:01:37)
2. Deadlift (5x88kg, 3x120kg 3/1x130kg)
3a. HSPU/Press/Snatch (12x14kg, 12x14kg, 11/12x14kg)
3b. One Arm Chins (10x38kg/29kg, 10x38kg/29kg, 10x38kg/29kg)

The rowing was intentionally easy (ish), using long strokes. Deadlifts felt slightly rusty. I should have primed the movement with a light bar a few times before hitting the work sets. The Press felt solid, but I could not get that last rep on the last set. Never mind, I will up the weight and drop reps back to 10 next time. Similar story for the OACs - I dropped the reps to ten and added a kilo. Reckon I can up the reps again for this weight next time.

With Easter still in evidence all along the top of my piano (the kids got around seven Easter eggs each), I am in the position of HAVING to help them out with consumption. Weight is currently at 83kg but the forecast is sweet and gloomy.......

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

How I Fell In Love With A Fish

A farm that measures its success on the health and success of its predators, acts as a water purification plant and does not involve the feeding of its stock! Hat tip to Andreas on ADV's forum.

  • Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu. With impeccable research and deadpan humor, he chronicles his pursuit of a sustainable fish he could love, and the foodie's honeymoon he's enjoyed since discovering an outrageously delicious fish raised using a revolutionary farming method in Spain.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Christian Zombie Festival

Well, after a cracking workout earlier this week I was pushed again in a fierce Lau Gar session last night. Lots of kicking and punching drills of up to four and two minutes respectively. Double sets of each.

I was milked like a pup and awash with lactic acid by the end. Easter brings a suitable period of rest.

Enjoy the eggs. Eat lots of them (unless they are of the chocolate kind).